• Whole Enchilada Bundle

When combined with the parts listed in the pi-Stomp Mouser.com bill of materials, this bundle contains everything else needed to build a pi-Stomp (version 1.0)

  • Custom diecast enclosure (drilled, powdercoated, UV printed)
  • pi-Stomp circuit board (v1.0.1)
  • AudioInjector Zero audio board (with pre-installed 2x20 header)
  • 3 footswitches (SW1-SW3)
  • 3 LED footswitch rings (white, green and blue, LED1-LED3)
  • Wiring for 3 footswitches (W1-W3)
  • Power wiring (W4)
  • Nylon hardware (HW1-HW11)
  • Volume and tweak knobs (K1, K2)
  • Encoder knobs (K3, K4)
  • MIDI Jack (J2)
  • Micro SD Card (32GB, Class 10)

See Individual Parts listings on this site for part specific details or read the pi-Stomp BOM

Whole Enchilada Bundle

  • Product Code: ps1-enchilada-1.0.1
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  • $88.00

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