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    pi-Stomp Core + Enclosure Kit
  • pi-Stomp Core + Enclosure Kit
  • pi-Stomp Core + Enclosure Kit
  • pi-Stomp Core + Enclosure Kit

pi-Stomp Core kit + Enclosure Kit

Yup, the whole enchilada.  The full pi-Stomp Core kit plus Enclosure kit.

Over 130 pi-Stomp kits have been successfully built by DIY'ers in over 20 countries.

Project details are here

This pi-Stomp Core Kit includes everything to build a working system (as shown in photos above):

  • pi-Stomp Core circuit board (v2.0.4)
  • All board components (resistors, caps, transistors, relay, jacks, headers, volume pot, encoder, IC's and sockets)
  • IQAudio Codec Zero audio board (note that the photos show an AudioInjector card. The IQAudio is superior in many ways)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 A+
  • Hat Hacker board
  • 2.2" TFT LCD 240x320 Color Display
  • Standoffs and screws
  • Micro SD Card (32GB, Class 10)
  • Female/Female Jumpers for attaching common peripherals
  • Power Supply: Low noise, "Universal power", 5v, 2Amp with 2.5mm barrel connector and NEMA 1-15P (aka USA) blades.  Will require a blade adapter in many other countries
  • A sturdy die-cast aluminum powder coated enclosure pre-drilled with UV printed labeling (color is Laser Burgundy)
  • 3 high-quality footswitches
  • 2 potentiometers to be used as "Tweak" knobs (25k ohm linear)
  • 4 knobs (Note that the knob type might change slightly from the pictures shown)

Detailed Bill of Materials for the Core kit here

It does Not include:

  • LED Footswitch halos.  Available here in a 3-pack as an add-on item
  • A power switch.  If you'd like one, a nifty inline switch available here as an add-on item
  • Legacy MIDI In/Out.  USB MIDI is always available, but if you need legacy MIDI via the classic 5-pin DIN connector or TRS,  we offer a simple add-on kit which adds MIDI In/Out and a 1/4" analog input for an expression pedal or other analog input.
  • Tools, solder, etc.

Please note that this is an advanced project intended for those already familiar with circuit board soldering.  It will take time and patience to build (2 to 5 hours generally), install the software and maybe even do some troubleshooting.

We recommend that you review the build instructions to verify that you are capable before purchasing.

When choosing any of the "Without" options above, please understand that you will need to supply a substitute or else your build will have reduced functionality.  See the customization guide for info regarding alternative Raspberry Pi & Audio Card models and other cost reduction mods.

´╗┐If ordering from a country outside the US, that you will likely incur customs or VAT upon import.  You will be responsible for these payments.  Please also read the latest regarding some Mail Service Suspensions and Possible Delays

For support and/or questions email: support@treefallsound.com

pi-Stomp Core + Enclosure Kit

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