Author Topic: Is there any available presets or pedalboards via users that can be ssh or dl?  (Read 615 times)

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So, i haven't seen a topic for this, is there a list of preloaded boards that can be added via ssh or other means that don't require the tedious building of individual pedals? I know it seems to be implied that this was something to be eventually offered. Additionally, MOD seems to have presets and/or pedal boards hosted on their site but require it to connect to proprietary hardware in order to work. Any work arounds for this?

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For pi-Stomp, not other that the baker's dozen that get installed with the rest of the pi-stomp software:

You're more than welcome to add to it. 

But yeah, I agree, it would be great to have a "cloud" of shared pedalboards like many commercial manufacturers have.  Like you have noticed, the MOD devices pedalboard share: only allows downloads to their proprietary hardware units.

We could perhaps create a pi-stomp pedalboard share (similar to MOD's) that makes it a lot easier to download/upload than a github repo.  It's not trivial though so we'd want to know it would be used before investing a bunch of effort.

As an early support of the Dwarf kickstarter, I do own one.  I can download a pedalboard from the MOD share to my Dwarf, then scp the pedalboard(s) to my pi-Stomp.  That works just fine.  Some pedalboards on the MOD share may include LV2's which the current pi-Stomp install does not include.  Those just show up as empty plugins.  We are however, working on updating the pi-Stomp software to the latest version of MOD (running on the newest 64-bit Bullseye OS).  That should include all the newer MOD plugins, plus a hell of a lot more (a few hundred that MOD doesn't even have ;)  ... coming later this Summer, stay tuned.

If you see a specific pedalboard (or three) on MOD's share which you'd like to try, let me know.  I could likely share with you, a very similar version of it, from my Dwarf.

There's also the manual method of using the screenshot to see which effects are used along with the routing and the settings for at least the parameters that show on the front panel of each plugin.