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Pi-Stomp Core Build
« on: July 26, 2021, 12:14:43 PM »
Got my Pi-Stomp Core about 2 weeks ago and assembled it a day or two later.
Found the instructions were clear and concise.

I waited a few days before doing the software install and found this process to be painless. 
It does take about 30 minutes for the MAKE(s) to happen so be patient. 
Total install was about 60 minutes (and I have only 35MBPS download speed).
This includes image download, burn to SD card and then commission Pi with software (I have commissioned about 100+ PI computers so this process was quick for me).
There are a couple of commands that run that don't indicate that anything happening on the screen when they begin.
Just wait and you will get a prompt when commands finish.

Hooked up to my guitar and amp and was blown away by the sound!!
When you select the different different Plug-In names you really get that sound style.

I ordered a Hammond 1590D Aluminum Diecast Case from Amazon for $22.60.
Plan to add at least one more foot switch.
Was unable to locate (in stock) the cool LED rings for the ON but plan on adding later.
Would be helpful to have some pages you could print as a 1:1 and trace onto the case for cutting/drilling holes.

In the end, I am really happy with the unit and the way it all turned out!!!

I used the header on the LED screen (per suggestion from Rand)
I need to add a couple of machine screws (drill and tap) into the lid to hold the LCD in place on the aluminum box lid.
I had to remove a bunch of aluminium from one of the lid screw supports to allow the USB to be accessible.
A Dremel with a metal blade does a great job of cutting the square(s) and slot(s) needed for mounting.
I have a couple of Uni-Bits which worked great for the round holes.
Here is a dropbox link to some pix.
Got excited as I began to assemble/solder and did not take any pix of assembly but the instructions seem to adequately show.

Randall (Admin)

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Re: Pi-Stomp Core Build
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2021, 02:07:25 PM »
Awesome!  Nice work, Brent!

Thanks for the report.

I'm curious how you worked around the center screw boss in that enclosure.  For the original pi-Stomp I was able to source a 4-screw version which didn't include the center boss', but I've been reluctant to recommend the 1590D because it gets in the way of the boards mounting against the North end of the enclosure.  Did you do some fancy dremel work to cut away the boss?

Regarding the LED halos that you've seen on the original pi-Stomp. You can get those from at least these two sources:

I've used both and they work great.  Just make sure you don't buy halo's which include a dropping resistor or are listed to work with 9v.  The GPIO's from a pi actually only put out about 3 volts, so even the 5v versions are somewhat underpowered but they should work fine with a small current limiting resistor.  33 ohms has worked for me for most colors. But keep in mind that different color LED's have different current requirements, so you may want to hook up a jumper to the "3V" pin of the HAnalog header to test various series resistors to get the brightness you want consistent across the various colors you use.  Some, but not all of the green halos seem to glow much brighter, so I actually used a 390 ohm resistor with those but 33 ohm for the white and blue.  YMMV

BTW, you can use the spare 3 GPIO's (HGPIO header) for driving those halo's.  If you need more than 3, you might need to add a demux circuit to turn those 3 lines into 8.  I hope to do a proof of concept on that soon.


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Re: Pi-Stomp Core Build
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2021, 11:17:17 AM »
I had to remove all the 'meat' from the center boss. 
Was able to leave about 3/8" at the top that contained the threads for the lid screw.

Thanks for links for the LED's


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Re: Pi-Stomp Core Build
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2021, 04:33:57 PM »
Ordered the LED Halo(s) from
$0.99 shipping to the USA!!!
Arrived in 7 days

Had to modify the configuration file located in /pi-stomp/pistomp/default_config.yml per the instructions found at:

Switch id: 0
No gpio comment in switch id: 0 added
gpio_output: 0
color: white

Switch id: 1
#gpio_output: 13
color: lime
gpio_output: 13
color: red

Switch id: 2
#gpio_output: 26
gpio_output: 26
color: blue

After installing LED halos changed the color: XXXXX to match the installed color

The header for the gpio_outputs is a pain to get to, had to disassemble the stack to install
Would be nice in a future version to get these out to the edge of the PCB