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parametric knobs
« on: August 07, 2023, 11:59:12 AM »
OK, so i'm trying to figure out ways to use pi-stomp with easy live tweaking (i dont want to use my cell phone every time i need to adjust something quickly)
is there a way to make the knobs parametric?
for instance - highlight a pedal in the SW and the knobs are assigned per a specific pedal?

(i will soon have some demos of my pi stomp in a live show, and s demo of my arduino foot controller with code and instructions)

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Re: parametric knobs
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2023, 05:56:28 PM »
By "highlight a pedal in the SW", do you mean select a plugin via the LCD and the "knobs" will be reassigned to controls of that selected plugin?

As you probably know, currently, All "knobs", whether they are pots connected as analog controllers, or knobs connected via MIDI, are seen as MIDI CC inputs.  You can map them to specific parameters on specific plugins on a pedalboard.  So the knob functions can change per pedalboard, but not within the current pedalboard.

You can also longpress on a plugin to get a menu of parameters for that plugin, then tweak, but I'm guessing you're still looking for an easier solution for live tweaking and I totally understand that one wouldn't want to traverse menus.

The MOD Dwarf has 3 tweak knobs.  In "Control Mode" it will display 3 parameters at a time, then you can "page" thru to additional parameters (they say up to 8 pages).  But this doesn't seem much better, right?

The issue that I see, is how would one specify which parameters to offer as tweakable when a plugin is selected?  Some plugins have dozens of parameters.  It appears that MOD just displays the first ones it finds.  If your pedalboard/plugins have too many, too bad, they don't show.

So, anyway, bottom line is the MOD software doesn't currently have any facilities for specifying "favorite" parameters.

There is a little known feature in pi-Stomp where you can specify a config file, just like default_config.yml, but per pedalboard.  I suppose we could extend the file syntax to include a "favorite parameters" list.  Maybe even a list per MIDI_CC.  So when a MIDI_CC change is received, we could consult the list to see if there's a parameter match and if so, send a change for that parameter.  Might not even require plugin selection as long as specified favorites were qualified by their plugin.

All that might not be trivial to implement, but I can imagine it being powerful.  Let me know your thoughts.