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All I get when running that is

Adding empty fonts...
Adding empty colors...

Also on the wayside:
Is it possible to trigger the bypass relay via a MIDI event?
Also, I want to use an external MIDI footswitsch controler (PedalinoMINI DIN, USB and WiFi MIDI support) to change the bypass state of plugins within MOD. Would that also fail to reflect on the display, and if so, how can I make the pistomp software handle that midi input?

I have already installed the Beta. It is quite rough arround the edges as you said. Changes made on the web UI dont show up on the display except for changing the pedalboard/snapshot. The display often gets stuck on a white screen and Audio only passes through when the web UI connects, even though processing is enabled. That also fails often. Im not sure if I can do anything through menudiving, but Im waiting on a new encoder at the moment.

Edit: I plan to switch to a rpi 5 soon. So I can also test updates on it!

Thanks for the quick reply! Ill switch to the beta branch now. If you like, I can give feedback on future updates.

I have been using PiStomp for a while now, but I dont feel the need to have the buttons labeled on screen as it is now. What I would prefer instead, is to display more plugins and their state. How may I change the code to do that, and where should I start?

Issues & Feature requests / Re: Tuner on LCD
« on: February 08, 2023, 12:43:06 PM »
Has this been implemented/planed?

Using pi-Stomp / Running SunVox alongside PiStomp
« on: February 08, 2023, 12:35:06 PM »
Hello all!
Has anyone tried to run SunVox (without xorg, thanks to libsdl2) alongside PiStomp?
I m planing to build a Pistomp box from scratch with a lot of hardware mods, but cant really get my hands on another Rpi due to the ongoing shortage. So i want to combine a synth and the pistomp in one box.

Hacking pi-Stomp / Re: ILI9341 SPI Touch LCD?
« on: February 08, 2023, 10:22:09 AM »
Oh, yeah! Having GPIO conflict would be a major multi moth headache and could ruin everything. I kinda obsess over details during the planing stage of projects, so I will wait until the update regardless. Working on the current UI, just to have that work be for nothig would be a shame. Indeed the screen I have is indeed capacitive touch. The accuracy is obismal when using a pen, but acceptable when using ones' finger. The touch interface uses the SPI bus with a seperate Chip Select pin. So another module acting as a parser of touch areas converted into commands which the UI module can recognize could work. I dont know how you plan to write the new UI, but I will be looking into it to come up with a good solution. I may just pivot into having the touchscreen act as a XY pad sending MIDI or some sort of gesture control. We will see. Thanks for the Information though! I look forward to the new UI, and would love a similar explanation when it drops! Or is the branch up on github already?

And yes... It will not be trivial at all! But who needs sanity :o

Hacking pi-Stomp / ILI9341 SPI Touch LCD?
« on: February 06, 2023, 12:29:07 PM »
Hello again!
So I have started planing my Pistomp build, and as it turns out, I have an ILI9341 touch enabled LCD screen. Is there any way to add touch capability with the LCD UI you have programmed, and if so, what files would need to be modified/called? Like what file is actually handling the UI itself? Im not really used to OOP.

Hacking pi-Stomp / Re: Some questions
« on: February 01, 2023, 05:38:26 AM »
I wasn't really able to find that user guide, because I was looking for a datasheet. Thanks for sharing!

Hacking pi-Stomp / Re: Some questions
« on: January 31, 2023, 12:17:13 PM »
Thats some great info! So I assume the IQ has a DSP built in? Thats quite cool. Yeah, Im looking forward to the updates. IQ it is!

Hacking pi-Stomp / Re: Some questions
« on: January 30, 2023, 06:32:19 PM »

I think its better to have some form of bypass and not use it than not having it and needing it. Ill looked into the internal bypass on the Codec Zero... well, the DS7271 Audio Codec used in it. It should be enough to satisfy most, even some purists. Although it does pass through an amp I assume to be a form of buffer? I find the latching relay a good idea, especially with the transistor drivers you used. That not only takes off the strain from the digital pins, but may also reduce some noise. In my experience digital pin outs have noticable noise for audio circuits, and the coils in the relay may induce some on the circuit. ADCs dont care about that though, as long as you use seperate grounds.

Always a good idea to seperate the power input ground from the audio circutry, as most power supplies (epecially those designed for digital devices) are noisy as hell. Just compare with an el cheapo USB audio interface, which uses the USB (digital) ground.

Im currently going back and forward between the Codec Zero and the HiFiAudio DAC+ ADC. The hifi audio has a better signal to noise ratio (90/100 vs 110/112 -ADC/DAC respectively). But it is more expensive, and has no LINE amp included. On the other hand, the codec zero has a lower max sample rate at 96 Hz vs 192 Hz, doesnt have a GPIO pass through for stacking, and only has the right channel on one of its outputs. Couldnt find any data on weather the DAC+ ADC has an internal bypass tho.

I dont want to use the HDMI for displaying the MOD-gui. That would be a bit... unnecessary? A tablet or a phone can do that just fine. But i was thinking of maybe implementing a wearable display (kinda like google glass or EDITH) which displays whats on the LCD. Thats why I was asking about SPI to HDMI, since almost all available units use HDMI. A smaller display with a prism may also work tho...

Hacking pi-Stomp / Re: Some questions
« on: January 29, 2023, 01:33:58 PM »
Thanks for the quick reply!
I think I can work with the RPI pinut. Thanks for adding that!

What about smaller SPI Displays or SPI to HDMI?

TL;DR: Your prices are reasonable. I Want to save waste and heavily modify.

I don't know about the supply and cost you take, and honestly, its not a bad thing to make a profit. When compared to "competitors", you offer reasonable price and leave the joy of building and customizing to the user. I haven't done any math on how much it would cost me to get the components, as I already have most them in my bins... With the exception of a 3V relay, an audio interface board and the specific debounce chip. Luckily I can get all at a single store, and pick it up within my city (saving on shipping alltogether), as their warehouse (and former walk-in shop) is located here. But this is of course an exception. And even comparing a few of those components with the price listed on your BOM, its more expensive. I can confirm that.

Keep being Awesome!

Hacking pi-Stomp / Some questions
« on: January 29, 2023, 11:33:57 AM »
 First of all, incredible project! I started drooling when I saw all the possibilities flash before my eyes.

I have a few questions as I want to heavily modify my build:

1. Is it possible to buy the PCB only? If not, Could I have the Schematics or the pinout from the raspberry (as in what goes to what pin for the code to work) for personal use with no copyright granted? I already own most of the components and have no need for more.
2. Can other SPI LCDs be used? What needs to be considered for easy compatibility (controler,resolution, etc.)? I want to use a bigger display and give it more of a Cyberdeck feel, to make it much easier to read durring gigs. And what files would need to be modified to accomodate that?
3. No question is too stupid: I'm not familiar with the output of the audio boards. Can other pedals be connected after the pistomp, or is it needed to be last on the signal chain before the amp?
4. How could one add a DI output and balanced outputs for PA systems? Can a standard switched circuit be placed between the output of the audio board and the jacks?
5. What about headphone outputs for monitoring/readjusting on the fly by ear? Is it enough to have a switched jack to connect/disconnect the output signal to an amplification circuit?
6.  Did I understand this correctly: There is no output buffer.   Most pedals I know and have build have an output buffer. Why was it deemed unnecessary in this project? Built in on the DAC audio circuit?

EDIT: While on the topic Cyberdeck, is there any way to use the SPI display data to run into or be converted to HDMI? Maybe a smaller SPI display? I'm thinking a head mounted display 8)

Thanks a lot for all the great work!

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