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Building pi-Stomp / Weird high pitch hissing noise on new build
« on: January 21, 2023, 04:06:09 PM »
I've just completed my Pi-stomp Core build, it was great fun and I thought I got everything right.
But my lack of proper soldering skills is perhaps coming back to haunt me.
Because when everything was installed and the boot-loop sound card issue handled,
I plugged the pedal into the my amp, turned off the bypass a weird high pitch hissing noise appeared.

At first I thought I had a noisy pedal-board, but my even on empty board the hiss was still there.
I adjusted the volume so that my guitar sounded equally loud both on and off bypass to give it a
fair comparison but the noise was still very audible. 

The noise seemed to be coming from the pedal somehow because it remained when I unplugged my guitar.
The noise also gets louder when I turn up the volume and it also seems to be affected by the encoder knob somehow.
Because when I turned the knob the hiss seems to follow the "clicks" of the encoder.

I guess I have soldered something wrong or bad or something.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking ?? or any other tips.

Would audio of the hiss help ?

Thanks / Viktor

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